Done professionally, woodwork can be one of the most appealing features of a home. But done incorrectly, homeowner’s can be left with unsightly work, and thousands of dollars out of pocket. In extreme scenarios, homeowner's can even expect to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on repairs. Installation of interior & exterior trim, doors & locks, decks, cladding and other custom carpentry works require fine tuned skills and specific tools that individuals who are not trained in carpentry (and even some that are!) simply do not possess. This is why it is so important that renovations and repairs are completed, not only by professionals, but professionals who care about the finished product as much as you do. 


This is where we come in. 

At CRG we take great pride in our work and take the time to make sure every aspect of your job not only looks amazing when we are finished, but will still look amazing in 50 years. Take the photos on the right for example. It's extremely common for carpenters to install a door and leave it for the painter to paint the whole door. But the painter is very rarely going to take the door off its hinges to paint the bottom. What this leads to on external and wet room doors is moisture entering the raw timber from weather, steam or even just the humidity. This can cause the door to rot or swell, potentially jamming in the frame and damaging both the door and frame. It's not uncommon to replace doors that are only 1 year old for this exact reason. At CRG, we always take the time to seal the bottom of exterior and wet room doors so that this will never happen. Even on fiddly jobs like the one pictured. This is a prime example of the level of care we take across our broad range of carpentry services.


With 15 years experience in the industry, our small team is well equipped and well versed to handle any job you may throw at us. No project is too big, too small or too unique. We can accommodate commercial businesses, builders/architects and private residential customers. We are also members of Carpentry Australia and we are Cm3 prequalified. This means our trade qualifications and safety practices have been confirmed by multiple organisations and you can have peace of mind knowing that we are backed by a national industry body. 


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